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Constitution and By-Laws


These are the proposed changes to the Constitution and By-Laws

This has been a Four(4) year journey to get these changes approved by the board.

The Documents will READ “AS-IS” and the Red Ink will change to Black if Ratified by the membership by a vote of 51% of the membership at a regular membership meeting. You need to be a “Member in Good Standing” (dues paid) to discuss and vote on the proposed changes.

Current Constitution and By-laws are at the end of the page.

SUMMARY documents are also posted to show all REPLACEMENTS, DELETIONS or ADDITIONS that were made with each document.

There are Four(4) Documents

A. The New Proposed Constitution

B. The Summary of Constitution Changes

C. The NEW Proposed By-Laws

D. The Summary of By-Law Changes

Current Constitution and By-laws

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