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FCC license examinations are administered by authorized members of the ARRL VEC program.  Three examiners must be present at each testing session.  Exams for the Technician (35 questions), General (35 questions), and Extra-class exams (50 questions) are given at the same time in the same place.  Scoring is done on the spot, and the passing score is 74%.  It takes a few days for exam results to be entered directly online into the FCC database.  Once your name and call sign appear there, you are authorized to transmit on the bands or portions of bands appropriate to your license class.  For ARRL’s detailed guide on taking the exams, click here.

Upcoming Exam Dates

    Location depends on the date (see registration link above). VEC Test fee: $15.00 Pre-registration is recommended (follow link above). There is a $15 VEC fee due to the examiner at the time of the exam. In addition there is a $35 fee payable to the FCC when any license application or modification is filed with the FCC. This $35 fee IS NOT collected by the examiner at the exam session, it is paid directly to the FCC (via their website).

    Picture ID is required. You must have already created an FCC FRN registration number prior to the exam session, and must have a valid email address. Please complete the pre-registration form prior to the exam session.

    Questions: Rogue Valley Amateur Radio