General Net list For area

this is not a not a guarantee list. if you now one has changed please email the webmaster or send an email with known updates on the contact form. thanks webmaster

HF Nets

USA DX GroupDaily0630 UTC7.240 MHz
10M DX NetDaily1430 UTC28.330 MHz
Noon Time NetDaily1200 Local7.2835 MHz
Oregon ARES Traffic NetDaily1730 Local3.990 MHz
Beaver State NetDaily1745 Local3.920 MHz
Oregon Emergency NetDaily1800 Local3.980 MHz
Oregon Section Net/1Daily1830 Local3.569 MHz
Oregon Section Net/2Daily2200 Local3.569 MHz


C.A.R.E. NetMonday1930 Local147.100 + Offset  136.5
PRA Repeaters       Oregon Med Net       Swap Net       Amateur News       A.G.O.N.       Tuesday Tuesday Friday Friday  1330 Local 1900 Local 1930 Local 2000 LocalSee for repeater frequencies
EyeWARN NetThursday1845 Local146.840 – Offset  123.0
JCARES NetThurssday1930 Local146.840 – Offset  123.0
Central Point/Medford ERT duplex netSunday2030 Local145.410 – Offset   None
Central Point/Medford ERT simplex netSunday2045 Local147.585