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Weekly Net Resources

The Club holds a weekly net (time and frequency information on the HOME PAGE). The below files are the ROSTER and SCRIPT. While a NET Control operator is assigned on a weekly basis, sometimes things happen. ANYONE is capable of running the NET with these documents. They are the same ones that the NET control operators use. In fact, you are encouraged to download them and follow along.

Current Net Controller Operator (NCO) Schedule

If you have a conflict with a date please let me know or you

can trade with someone on the roster. 73s Dewey – KM7DEW

07-15-24  Bruce Cook KG7TUO

07-22-24  Steve Grigsby WC7R

07-29-24  T.J. Penner KK7LVA

08-05-24 Ronda Fowler N7RDF

08-12-24  Dewey KM7DEW

08-19-24  Mike N7XBJ

08-26-24  Steve KW5V

09-02-24  Dave Goldstien KJ7GFS

09-09-24  Bruce Cook KG7TUO

09-16-24  Steve Grigsby WC7R

09-23-24  T.J. Penner KK7LVA

09-30-24 Ronda Fowler N7RDF

10-07-24  Dewey KM7DEW

10-14-24  Mike N7XBJ

10-21-24  Steve KW5V

10-28-24  Dave Goldstien KJ7GFS

11-04-24  Bruce Cook KG7TUO

11-11-24  Steve Grigsby WC7R

11-18-24  T.J. Penner KK7LVA

11-25-24 Ronda Fowler N7RDF

12-02-24 Dewey KM7DEW

12-09-24  Mike N7XBJ

12-16-24  Steve KW5V

12-23-24  Dave Goldstein KJ7GFS

12-30-24  Bruce Cook KG7TUO

GRMS Script and Roster